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Port KVM Switches- An understanding

The Port KVM switches have been imbued with a microcontroller that conjoins music, video and keyboard signals and condenses into small packets which are sent through an Ethernet link to a remote console. The port KVM switches are used as the standby in the power plane during the entire BIOS process. It is abbreviated as the keyboard, video, and music these switches can handle several computers which are interconnected connected either locally or globally with the help of IP connections. Netrack, a leading manufacturer of networking racks for servers and data centers provide quality and enhanced port KVM switches.

Port KVM Switches

Different types of Port KVM Switches

Netrack supports a wide range of Port KVM switches, some of them are:

1>        Dominion KX II

2>        Dominion KX II-101 v2

3>        Dominion LX

4>        Dominion KSX II

Let us understand the features of these switches.

1>        Dominion KXII

This type of port KVM switches can handle 64 multiplatform server and serial-based devices. It is popularly used in data centers, server rooms, labs etc. some of the key features associated with the port Dominion KXII  port KVM switches are the blade server, mouse synchronization, dual power, digital video etc.

2>        Dominion KX II-101 v2

The Dominion KX II-101 v2 port KVM switches are cute, little, palm-sized compact switch which is widely used in labs, medical applications, constructions etc. It can control single server that can connect to 8 local users.

3>        Dominion LX

The Dominion LX port KVM switches can handle effectually 256 servers and connect 8 to 16 ports. This type of switches finds its usage for small and medium types.

4>        Dominion KSX II

The Dominion KSX II port KVM switches can control 4 to 8 KVM over IP port and can connect 4 to 8 serial ports. It is popularly used in remote offices, labs, data centers etc. It has the ability to provide BIOS-level access up to 10 users and 16 servers and serial devices.

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Data Center Management

Datacenter Racks – An introduction

The IT sector and data centres have server units which are the main unit that drives the internal working of the company for data management, internet sharing, security, and memory. Therefore, these server units have to work continuously which will provide uninterrupted service to the client system. This leads to heat generation and also the server units produces too much of noise which disturbs the employees working in the proximity of the server room. NetrackIndia has come up with the best solution of providing Data Centre Racks which control noise, subsides heat transfers, prevents dust accumulation and is effectively used to manage data cables.


DataCenter Racks- Benefits & Features

The data cables that runs from the server to the client system or power source have to be managed well so that the cables do not get tangled and worn out. The improper cable may hurt the employees when they accidently stumble upon such stranded cables.  The Data Centre Racks actually eliminate the mess and exhibit a neat and a clean environment. The data centres racks are crafted to provide a good cooling solution to the data centres.

The server rooms usually consume a lot of power to keep the room cool thereby increasing the energy consumption cost. By using data centre racks, the power consumption can be reduced drastically. The data centres racks are indeed beneficial to IT sectors and data centres which have helped to completely reduce the amount spent on energy consumption. The data centre racks by NetrackIndia is an eco-friendly product as it effectively utilises the resources available and does not cause any harmful effect on the environment. NetrackIndia has provided good support to the customers by providing quality rich, good performance and effective racks that have served their purpose effectively and economically.

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